Best Dating App For Hooking Up

I get this question asked daily. Everyone that emails me wants to know, the answer to the magic question: What’s the best dating app for hooking up? For those who email me, I tell them that I wish it was that simple to answer.

The truth be told, it’s not!

best dating app for hooking up

As simple of a question it might be, it’s not easy to answer. The reason is, that there are just so many extremely effective dating apps out there that it’s often hard for me to suggest or recommend just one.

However, that doesn’t mean that I cannot give my honest opinion and a full rundown of what I believe are the ultimate dating apps that anyone of sound mind should consider using.

Please, keep in mind that I may choose to omit many of the hookup apps out there today for one reason or another. For the most part, I choose to omit them because they use shady billing practices, fake bots, robots, fake messaging, and unethical cancellation processes.

Nevertheless, that’s nothing you need to worry about. Instead, focus on those presented below and do yourself a solid – join at least one.

The Best Dating App For Hooking Up In 2024

As I said, I’m very strict on what apps I use and don’t use which I suggest trying out. If you want the runaround and a bunch of bull from people, then go get it somewhere else. The only opinion you’re going to get here is one from a guy who means business, enough business to call himself The “Dating” Cop.

Here’s a list of the best…

Full disclosure: I’ve tried all the apps that I’m recommending below and 100% of them are much better options than most out there and they’re definitely way better options than trying to connect with some streetwalkers from Craigslist or some poor excuse for a pay play date from Backpage. Not to mention that’s pretty much illegal almost everywhere in the United States of America.

The first dating app that I’m going to recommend is called It’s without a doubt the best on the Internet in terms of compatibility, responsiveness, and overall success rates. Having said that, I can tell you that I’ve had more fun using this dating app just for hooking up versus every single other option out there today. Yes, it took me a while to find it, but once I did I never looked back.

I’m a huge fan of the app today as it’s been a staple and cornerstone of my success over the last few months. The reason is, I think people can identify well with it and the concept of the app due to them being familiar with using the traditional ride-sharing Uber app. This is essentially the same thing but for hooking up only. Read my review here to get a better idea of what it all entails.

I am a REALLY big fan of this app only because it’s got such a strong focus on connecting consumers with mature women. Seriously, there’s not a single other mature dating app or network on this planet that can compete with the ease of using Milfplay. If I had to describe it to a person who’s never used this, I’d say it’s like being able to connect with thousands of Stifler’s Mom-type people within a matter of minutes.

You need to be careful with this niche though because there are lots of copycat apps out there that claim to be similar or better than Take for example the app – it’s bad, really bad. Most people can’t tell the difference at first sight though. Just use your best judgment.

Conclusion: Try One, You Won’t Be Sorry

Seriously, the only thing that I can suggest doing is just trying one of these dating apps and seeing just how easy it is to hook up with someone. Hooking up as never been easier and I can almost guarantee that you’ll be happy that you tried one of them if you do.