Craigslist Maui Review: Shady AF Apartments, Not The Thing To Do…

I recently went on a vacation with some friends to Maui, HI. It was perhaps the most beautiful vacation I’ve ever been on. I ended up staying in an area called Lahaina which was like heaven on earth. While there, I decided to do something that I’d say most people probably don’t do. I went ahead and investigated the Craigslist Maui site to see what they offered in terms of dating and even massages.

I’m going to share everything that I learned about Maui, the Craigslist ads and the local area in general (not the tourist spots). Whatever you do, please don’t let this update impact your decision to visit the island. You’ll want to refrain from letting this review impact things because if you’re not looking to connect with someone then it doesn’t apply to you.

After all, most people go to Maui with a significant other, not to find someone to bang – so keep that in mind while reading this.

craigslist maui ads

My Review Of The Craigslist Maui W4M Section

Okay, so no need to tiptoe or beat around the bush here with this stuff. I’ll give you the whole rundown of everything that I did while in Maui and what led me to try and meet up with some girls from Craigslist.

Arriving In Maui

I flew into Kahului Airport and rented a Jeep. My buddies and I took the 45-minute ride to Lahaina in order to check into our hotel. The place was absolutely amazing. Volcano views from just about everywhere you turn and the ambiance was perfect. Seeing as though we were a bunch of guys just trying to have some fun on a surfing trip, we kept it pretty economical.

We hit the Road to Hanna, the famous volcano sunrise (which I forget the name), and even did some swimming with massive sea turtles in some bay. The surfing was perhaps the best that I’ve ever done in my life too. There’s no doubt about that.

Got Wasted

However, I ended up getting a bit sauced up one night and decided to take things to the next level. After all, I was on vacation so why the hell not right!

Well, after crushing about a dozen beers at the Maui Brewing Company, I decided to hit the local Craigslist section to see what I could come across. I wasn’t able to find much of anything really.

Shady AF Ads

What I did find was a bunch of shady massage ads (similar to those on Bedpage) that led me on a wild goose chase. I did come across one ad featuring a local girl that wanted me to meet her at her place. So, I did what any investigator would do, I decided to take a look into it. After hopping in a taxi for a 15-minute ride, I found myself in the parking lot of a shady apartment complex. I was convinced that it was a crack apartment even.

Staking It Out

I staked the place out and eventually saw someone come out of the apartment that I was supposed to be entering. It was a big shady looking guy that looked like trouble. He went into another apartment nearby and that’s when I knew that I was most likely getting set up to be robbed.

Eventually, the girl stepped out of the apartment and I immediately noticed that she didn’t look anything like the photo posted or referenced in the Craigslist ad. At that point, I decided to not pursue anything.

Conclusion: Using Craigslist In Maui Is A Bad Idea

I guess the moral to this story is that if you’re trying to surf and have a good time with the guys in Maui on a trip, don’t mess things up by trying to hire some girl off of Craigslist. I’d like to add that although this island is paradise and the most beautiful place on earth, the locals are dealing with a big drug problem and that’s likely what’s driving people to turn to prostitution and massages in the local area. Don’t waste your time trying to hook up with someone from a classifieds section. Instead, hit one of the traditional hookup dating networks and you’ll have more luck.