Bro Code Rules Of Online Dating

There are some bro code rules when it comes to dating, even if you’re using an online dating website to connect with girls. Bro code is important to know because there’s no amount of pussy that’s worth breaking up a friendship with a bro. Don’t fuck up and you won’t have any issues. here are some rules.

bro code rules

Top Bro Code Rules of Dating

Don’t Tell Others
It’s bro code that if a friend tells you about a site that they are using to meet girls, that you should not tell anyone else what you’ve been told. As bro’s you have a trust and bond that needs to be taken seriously. If you have loose lips and you tell everyone that your buddy is using a dating site then you’re going to ruin that friendship.

Don’t Steal Girls
This is another very important bro code rule. If your close buddy tells you about a girl that he’s fucking that he met online, you absolutely cannot go behind his back and fuck her as well. If you do, you’re breaking codes and perhaps the most crucial code of all.

Don’t Cock Block
It’s customary code to never cock block any of your bros. If someone has a good chance of getting laid, it’s your obligation as a bro to not cock block and to only help increase their chances of scoring. It’s about as simple as that.

Be Prepared To Wing
It’s bro code that if your buddy meets someone online and she brings a friend but doesn’t want a threesome, then you need to play wingman and take one for the team. That means hooking up with the other girl just so your buddy can get lucky. You need to do it whether you like it or not. I don’t care if you’re at a bar, college party, concert or wherever for that matter. The code still applies.

Don’t Fuck Ex-Girlfriends
If you join a dating site and you find out that one of your bros ex-girlfriends are a member of the site then I must urge you not to ever communicate with her. In fact, it would be bro code appropriate to block her from seeing your dating profile. If you fuck your buddies ex-girlfriend then you’re just going to look like a complete asshole. He’s bound to not want to be your friend anymore and he will lose all trust he has of you!

I could lay out a list of 100 bro code rules but that would be a waste of time. Instead, I rather you understand the most important rules and focus on connecting with girls online versus reading all the rules. Reason being, if you can’t find a girl to fuck then the rules don’t matter much.