Getting a Girl’s Number on Tinder: The Surefire Strategy


Getting a girl’s number on Tinder is a smart move because it will fast track you to meet her in person. It is better than only using the app chat. So how can you get her number on Tinder and be successful without her shutting down the conversation forever? Well, you can, and I will show a strategy you can undertake that will help you sound confident, convincing, and comfortable in your skin. The girl may just give you her number herself!

Tips for Getting a Girl’s Number on Tinder

So many guys have asked me: ”Man, how do I take a girl’s number on Tinder? Women just refuse to give me their number for a week or more. Good question. There is a reason for that.

getting a girls phone number on Tinder

First, girls get a lot of people messaging them on Tinder, especially if they’re new on that application. When you are surrounded by the attention of so many men, you’re not exactly in a rush to share your phone number with all of them.

Let me tell you seriously what works to gain an advantage. You can be among the first ones that get her (real) phone number.

1. Show your communication powers.

Tinder starts by sharing chat messages, which means you have to be polite, interesting, and seductive. What are good communication skills with girls? First of all it means persistence and consistency.

It means not being a lazy ass and actually conversing with this girl. You have to expand your conversational skills beyond the simple: Hey girl! What’s up? What are you doing? How are you? How are you doing? and similar phrasal nonsense. You don’t have to do political and philosophical debates. But you really have to show that you can create an interesting sentence. You can ask her how she’s doing throughout the day, and show interest in her as a person.

Share an interesting fact or two about yourself and see how she responds. If there is an interesting topic, work on that a little more. Never talk only about yourself and brag. Always aim for reciprocity in the conversation. That is more likely to get you her phone number on Tinder without any question.

2. Leave it be for a couple of days.

You must admit that they’re good reasons girls don’t give their number on Tinder to just random strangers. In today’s world, phone numbers are highly private. People are not really willing to share that with anyone. When you consider different creeps and weirdos that can pester a girl and stalk her, she has to set some boundaries.

This means you should allow for some time to set before you ask her to give you her number on Tinder. It is a bumper period in which she will judge your personality and decide if you’re worth getting her number or whether it will end in the trash bin.

3. Ask for her number on Tinder when you set up the first date.

If the girl you’re chatting up with and wants to get her number on Tinder has a reason to give it, she’s going to give it, for sure. So adopt this strategy and set up a date first.

Once it is done, you can ask any girl on Tinder for her phone number. Explain you will need it to arrange details around the logistics. It is a logical thing. When you meet her she will not be actually staring at her chat messages.

Warning: Girls find male voices a turn on. A phone number can be a deciding factor on whether she decides to keep on with the date or just said goodbye.

4. Take a balanced approach.

The rule of balance in getting a girl’s number on Tinder means that you should not sound desperate or pushy. How can you achieve this delicate homeostasis? Don’t brag about your other chats you have with other girls. Girls don’t like that.

They pretty much know that you’re chatting up with other girls and don’t expect you to be exclusive. Don’t act like she’s just one of the many you are satelliting around only to score a casual date, regardless of the girl. That’s not a good strategy.

In contrast, don’t message her throughout the whole day. Do it in certain time windows. Show her attention but don’t just send random messages like you have nothing better to do. In other words, get a life.

5. Be polite all the time and don’t be negative.

If a girl sees you are insecure and judgmental and project your insecurities on her, she will definitely not give you her number on Tinder. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable.

Be polite (read: don’t act like a jerk). If she says no, respect it, don’t insist. Try once again in a few days. But what if you see that you’re dealing with a girl that is careful and won’t easily give you her number on Tinder? Then maybe it’s time to go to greener pastures and chat with girls who are really interested.

Which of my tips about getting a phone number on Tinder did you find helpful? Let me know – I’d like to know more about your methods for chatting up girls on Tinder and scoring a first date.

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