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Our review of didn’t last that long as we had three simple and pointless questions to answer and then the site automatically redirected us to another site which is a well-known scamming dating site that is connected with many other fraudulent dating services. Continue reading to learn more about the tricks pulls on you and how to avoid getting scammed.

Questions on you answer

  • Are you older than 24? (a yes or no question)
  • Have you ever had a one-night stand? (a yes or no question)
  • Would you consider a 3some sexual encounter with partners met on our site? (a yes or no question)

The trick is that no matter how you answer each one of these questions, you always get 1,002 female members of the site that are in your area. Plus, creates a ticking clock by counting down from a couple of minutes you are given as a time to register. This is merely one marketing technique that creates a fear of missing out and leads you to click on the big green button to move forward.

However, if makes you feel like you have caught an exclusive deal by catching those last few seconds, don’t! Don’t allow the site to scam you in such a manner.

This site does not get you to a real dating service but brings you to instead. This means that is nothing but a landing page that attracts naive male site members with the goal to rip them off.

Have you heard of is an online dating service, associated with many other dating sites and owned by the same company as,,,,,, and You can further explore this site by reading the full review of here. However, for your convenience, we will include a few sentences that explain the fashions in which this dating site operates.

1. When you land on the homepage, you are stunned by the beauty of all these gorgeous women who have posed nude and provocative photos of themselves. Be careful not to fall for the scam as these profiles are part of the “Fantasy Cupids” Service. Fantasy Cupids are fabricated profiles created by the site to make it look like there are a lot of female site members when, in fact, there aren’t any. Just ask yourselves if there are really that many women from your town that you have never encountered and who all have profiles on

2. Moreover, the minute you sign up and create your profile, you will start getting tons of email and chat messages from women who want to get to know you.

These messages may seem provocative and flirty, but if all the dating profiles of women are fabricated, who is sending you those messages? If you do reply (first you’d have to pay to be able to reply) you will be talking to computer software that’s sending you automatic messages that will make no sense after a short while.

3. Using all features and services on will cost you money. You can choose two types of membership that offer different prices for site subscriptions for a period of time. More specifically, these are your choices:

Basic Membership

  • $8.85 for a 3-day trial membership period (automatically renewed at $29.95)
  • $29.95 for 1 month of membership (automatically renewed)

Gold Membership

  • $49.00 for 2 months of membership (automatically renewed at $34.95)
  • $59.95 for 3 months of membership

The verdict on

As we said, is nothing but a landing page that only redirects real people like you to a site that won’t help them find their true match, but will deceive them in every way possible to get you to pay for a membership upgrade for as long as possible. We kindly advise you not to trust and to stay away from and the other affiliated sites too. Scam Questions

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