Factual or Fraud? (REVIEW)

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The dating site is currently listed as suspicious and may be dangerous. We advise you to use it with extreme caution because we have the proof that it’s running some scamming tactics to deceive its users. Read our review to learn what to avoid and how to protect yourself from online scams like

What do the site statistics say?

When tracking the demographic characteristics of site visitors we discovered that they are mostly male and a very small percentage of women. Plus, they are mostly graduate students or men without a college degree, who are visiting the site mostly from home. The visitors are located in Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Greece, which means they are advertising even outside the United States and not exclusively in English-speaking countries. So, even if you are not from the US, you can still get scammed in many locations around the world.

The registering process to

You open the site’s main page and you immediately need to start answering questions. They ask you three “yes or no” questions:

  • Are you older than 18?
  • Have you ever had a sexually-transmitted disease?
  • Would you use a condom when having sex with a partner you met on our site?

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Based on your answers they calculate the number of members in your area that are a match, we had 9,371 matching members (we tried to register by answering differently several times and the results were always 9,371 members). This lead us to believe that these are just some bogus questions, put on the site to there to make you excited and grab your attention. Then, they serve you the following three rules.

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However, these rules have no real purpose at all. They serve to merely make you believe that the site is legitimate. Plus, the users who visit are in drastically disproportionate numbers of male v.s. female site members. And none of the questions they ask are in correlation to your gender preferences, or any other specifications. is just a landing page

That’s true! is just a landing page that will take you to another dating site they have partnered with. We are guessing the selection is done based on your answers, but then again, the whole thing could be just computer program that randomly takes you to one of the sites. These sites are probably paying to redirect users and promote them.

As we said, we answered questions differently, got the same number of eligible matches each time, but were taken to different dating sites. Some of them include,,,, etc. We will do reviews on these other dating sites, but something is already telling us that they are all online scams and a rip off.

The verdict on is not a legitimate dating site. It’s merely a landing page that gets you worked up and deceives you into believing it is a real dating service. Then, it redirects you to one of its partner dating sites, which also have questionable legitimacy. So, will not get you to any real one-night-stand dates, but rather send you to dubious sites without guaranteeing you any safety. Contact Info

Addresses: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309 Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260 United States

Email Contact:

Phone Numbers: 1.4806242599


If you feel that you have been deceived or scammed by this site, you can contact the Better Business Bureau and file a report.