How To Netflix and Chill In 2024

We’ve all heard the term “Netflix and Chill” at least once or twice this year. It is one of those things that many single college students do on the regular. If you’re in college and you’re not trying to flix and chill it up with some local hottie in class, then you’re failing at life. Now, for some of you who might be living in a bubble like the infamous Bubble Boy, then you’re excused up until today.

bubble boy

The reason I’m no longer giving you a pass is that it’s time that you learn how to successfully partake in this action. If you can’t successfully do it, then you’ve got to at least give it one hell of a try. Here’s everything you need to know about accomplishing this fun task. Oh, I’ll even throw in a history lesson on it.

Netflix and Chill Lesson

Here’s How To Successfully Netflix and Chill (History Lesson Included)

You can’t even browse Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram without coming across some meme that’s related to the “Netflix and chill” phenomenon today. People are having a social media field day with this topic and plain and simple, I can’t say I blame them. Many parents, baby boomers, and seniors haven’t got a damn clue what this means. The millennials, on the other hand, are well aware of what’s going down when this comes around.

The Definition

In simple terms, the definition represents the opportunity to stream a movie and hook up. It’s something that’s totally grown on girls today and many of them even wait for the invite to “chillax” and watch something on the tube.

While some people in the Internet world have bad things to say about me and my site because I’m the Dating Cop, others appreciate the things I share. This is one of the things that you crazy kids will appreciate, especially those who have lived under a rock for a few years. Before I share tips on the NF+C action, allow me to share some history on the subject matter.

The History

Back in 2009, the very first “Netflix and Chill” social post took place. It was on Twitter and we’ve got the proof below. Less than a year later, it was mentioned again. Come 2014, people were sending tweets referencing the act with rubbers and other sex products shown in the photos.

At that very point, we all came to realize that this was all about getting laid and maybe watching some scenes from a halfway-decent movie. Soon after, the term became a household name in most fraternity and sorority houses. Memes started flying around left and right, the rest is history.

First netflix tweet

So, now that you know what Netflix and Chill mean, it’s time for me to help increase your chances of making this night of “chilling” happen. Here are some simple pointers that I can share with you today.

Steps To Prepare For A Night Of Chill And Netflix Watching

The first thing you want to do is make sure your subscription to Netflix is still active. No girl or guy wants to come over and stare at a blank screen. Sure, they’re going to be more concerned with having sex with you than anything, but still. You need to have an active account if you don’t then borrow a login or sign up for the free trial.

The second step is getting rid of your roommates. No person coming over is going to want to hook up with a house full of people there. Well, maybe some girl looking for a threesome from Fling, but that’s about it. You want the house to yourself for the best results, trust me on this one.

Step number three is making sure you’ve got condoms. Not all girls are willing to raw dawg it without a rubber. Be sure to have some form of protection if you plan on going all the way. Sure, you can hook up and just fool around a bit, but I’d rather be ready to bang at a moment’s notice in case the opportunity arises.

This is a fun and simple step, make sure you have some drinks and snacks for your house guest. They may want to dabble in other things as well, just be sure to be prepared. I always recommend keeping a bottle of vodka and wine in the house at all times. Those both come in handy.

The next step is picking out a solid movie. Stay away from anything too creepy or scary. Also, be sure to avoid goofy movies as well. Something down the middle is best. Remember, this sets the mood to potentially hook up.

Well, now you just need to decide when to make a move and either go for it or puss out like a loser. The choice is yours to make.

That’s all there is to it! At the very least, you’ve learned some history on the subject and you now know how to “Netflix and chill” like a champ. Good luck and let me know if you need any help. Oh, one final thing, if you’re looking to meet some girls that are a sure thing when it comes to this, then check these sites out. You’ll for certain get lucky.


Lastly, let’s assume you suck and you don’t have a chance in hell meeting someone to do this within your hometown or college. One thing I can guarantee is that doing anything other than joining the Fap Chat site or some other crappy site is still a better option.

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