How To Take A Good Dirty Snapchat

This post is for all my filthy Snapchat fans that love sharing content with other users. After reading this you will know everything to consider when taking and DMing snaps to Snapchatters. Now, this same logic does apply to other snap-style platforms, so please think of them when you’re using them as well. These tips are applicable on various sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and SnapSext.

how to take a dirty snapchat

How To Take A Good Dirty Snapchat

There’s are lots of ways to send dirty pics through Snapchat, but that doesn’t mean that you should. The days of sending bad nudes to people are long gone. Just think about it for a minute. Anyone can get nudes of any person that they want to see. It’s not a big deal anymore.

That means that if you’re still sending out pictures that look terrible and don’t show anything off, no one is going to want to see them. When it comes time to show yourself off to someone, you have to give them something they enjoy and that means taking a good picture.

How To Show Your Face

Whether or not you show your face is completely up to you. Just remember that you should only be showing it to someone that you know. If you’re just talking dirty to a stranger then you never want to get your face in a shot.

If, however, you’re comfortable with the person, there are ways to go about it. First, make sure you have good lighting. Then you want to work on your angle. You never want to be looking down at the camera. That’s just going to give you a double chin.

Look up into the camera and make sure you smile. That’s what’s going to show your face in the very best light possible.

Always Tease First

No matter what you happen to be showing, you want to tease it first. That’s going to keep the other person interested in what you have to show them.

Just give a glimpse of it at first. If you just start out with the whole thing, you’ll have nowhere else to go with it. Just give a little bit here and there and make them want to see it all at the end.

Involve Your Hands

There’s one part of the body that’s always overlooked when it comes to turning someone on. That part of the body is your hand. It can do a whole lot of things.

It can just barely cover up the naughty parts that you’re displaying. It can also caress your body and run up and down it in your picture.

If you really want to get fun with it, send them a video of you running your hands all over your body and wait to see the reaction that you get out of them.

Lighting Is The Most Important

The most important aspect of any picture or video is going to be the lighting. You want to take your time and make sure that it’s good. You can also use it to silhouette your entire nude body.

That’s going to give the other person plenty to look at without giving them anything to look at. It will also keep your face hidden from the image.

It’s a great way to tease as well as the best way to highlight your best parts and show that you look good in the right light.

Use Emojis

If you want to just show it all off but keep something for the imagination, then you can always use emojis and stickers.

Placing hearts over your nipples can give you just the right amount of playfulness while showing it all off, but still saving something for later. They’re things that you should never overlook when you’re designing your pictures.

If you do it all right then you’ll have someone who’s ready to beg you to send more and will be willing to show you anything that you want in return to make it all happen.


Well, those are all the most important things to consider when you’re trying to snap and sext people on social platforms.

Again, give these things a try over various networks you can DM on and see how people respond. My guess is that you’re going to eventually connect with someone looking for sex locally.