Review: The Snapchat Scam That Redirects To Other Sites

Every so often I get a tipped off by a consumer that’s been burned using online dating. The dating scam that I’m about to share with you is one that many people have had the unfortunate luck of having to deal with it over time. The reality of this is that as technology advances, online dating schemes and scams advance as well. The only way to circumvent these tactics is to become aware of the techniques put in place in order to avoid them when you do come across them.

One of the most popular social platforms of today is one known as and it’s definitely being abused by more scammers than you’ll ever imagine. In fact, since I’m the Dating Cop and I had this brought to my attention, I feel it’s absolutely imperative that I share this exact scam in a place where the owners of take advantage of Snapchat users. Read the entire review and investigation below in order to determine what’s going on here and what the company is doing to take advantage of consumers today.

KikChatSnap URL and screenshot

Redirect Tactics In Place By

As previously mentioned, there are people out there that unfortunately take full advantage of consumers that don’t have the technical know how to decipher fake from real. That being said, is one of those sites that are basically conning users into thinking they’re going to meet someone online to hook up with.

How The Scam Really Works

I’m going to tell you exactly how this works and what the company is doing to help get your money into their bank account as quickly as possible. What they typically do is create a completely fake Snapchat user account. They do this to kick start things and make it seem like someone is who they aren’t. This is very similar to getting catfished but in a roundabout way really.

So, what they do is create a user name within the Snapchat app and they upload images to their account. Given that the images and “snaps” get deleted very quickly, this is the perfect platform for this type of scam.

The site operators send explicit snaps to users with messages that are very inviting. They mention that if they want to spend time having naked video sex chats with the user.  Next, they then need to visit a specific URL.

You’ll notice that the URL is pointed out on the screenshot above. These messages are sent from fake spammer accounts that are nothing more than that simply put.

Since a lot of guys head over to Snapchat in order to find sex partners, then know that the chances of finding some poor schmuck on there are pretty high. So, they create the fake Snapchat account, send images to male users with the URL in the messages and they then redirect the user to a completely irrelevant dating site.

The sad truth is that 9 times out of 10, the casual dating site that they’re being redirected to isn’t even a real dating site. It’s most likely filled with fake profiles and that’s about it. For example, one of the sites that they might redirect to on certain occasions is,, and even

Can They Stop This?

I’m sure you’re wondering whether or not Snapchat can stop this nonsense but it’s much harder than it sounds. While the sites that KikChatSnap redirects to are sites that you can in fact register for, the people doing the redirecting and Snapchat account creating are harder to control than you think.

My personal opinion here with regards to all this nonsense is simple. If a girl is telling you to visit a certain site or to text her at a certain number it’s a complete scam. That’s how the cookie crumbles here and if any one knows it’s the official “cop” of the dating industry.

Your best bet is to completely avoid any dating profiles that look too good to be true on Snapchat. If a user is hotter than most, chances are she’s a paid model and if she won’t share any information other than a URL or domain then be very skeptical of it all!

Conclusion: Is A Complete Scam!

The operators running the website are nothing but scammers looking to get your money. Chances are by the time you read this, you’re going to end up coming across another type of scam that’s just a different URL. Pay no mind to the URLs and focus on the tactic, you’ll save yourself a headache from there on out.

If you’re looking for better options to take, then do yourself a solid and give these a try. You’ll be much better off, in the long run, trust me on that!