PlentyofHoes Review: Redirects All In The Name Of Money, No Real Hookups.

I don’t have to tiptoe around here, if you’re on, then chances are you’re looking for someone that’s a bit on the edgy side and willing to hook up on the first date. Some people would refer to this as a hoe, but not me. I consider it to be the norm. When doing my latest search on a quest for the naughtiest girls on the web, I came across a site called Plentyofhoes. Of course, I was super excited to check it out because it had the word “hoes” in the branding. I made it my duty to inspect and investigate this hookup site to the best of my abilities. I’ve laid out everything that I learned about, but don’t go running off just yet. You have no idea what you’re getting into just yet.

I break things down for you right here and explain everything that happened while trying the site. Before I get started, there’s one thing that I want to get off my chest. The website promotes itself as the “Hottest online dating site” and that’s exactly what roped me in while searching. Here are the specific search results that I came across. Search Results

It’s sickening to think that a site like this believes it’s a major player in the dating industry. I almost pissed my pants laughing after I clicked to enter the site. The laughs didn’t last long though, I was soon more pissed on than ever before. Here’s exactly why…

plentyofhoes screenshot

Main Reasons Why Isn’t Worth Your Time

Okay, so how else do I put this without just coming out and saying it. Plentyofhoes is a huge front. Nothing more than a cover-up as it’s not even close to a real dating service. There’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes which you might not realize if you’re not in tune with the typical trickery that happens here with these shady websites.

The bottom line is simple, this website is working with other dating sites in order to send you elsewhere in exchange for money. In other words, PlentyofHoes doesn’t even exist. It’s a fake dating network that’s just a front and nothing more.

When you first land on the homepage, you’ll be asked to select the county in which you originate from. Doing so automatically initiates some sort of redirect that eventually leads you to another website. If you don’t take the time to look at your web browser you likely wouldn’t even recognize this.

The Redirects

The main problem with these redirects is that the sites that they choose to redirect to are complete garbage. For example, I’ve reviewed just about every dating site on the planet in order to write my reports and I noticed that this one redirects to and along with many others.

So, what they’ve done is enabled campaigns on each of the countries displayed on the homepage. So, when you click on the campaign, you will be redirected to another website and from there you’re prompted to do things like register and eventually whip out your credit card to waste your money.

Who Owns What

So, I can’t say for sure that and is the rightful owner of, but I know that they definitely work with the site and are financially compensated for sending consumers over to the website. Whether you’re joining as a free member or a paid member, you’ll be ticked off to learn that Plenty of Hoes makes cash on the deal.

The Exact Process

Here’s the exact process that they have in place and how they do things. You land on and click on one of the countries show on the front of the website. You’re immediately redirected to another website (most likely and you are put into a funnel from that point forward on WildSpank.

The website presents an offer to you which showcases a bunch of naked or topless women. This is extremely hard to avoid, so you start working through the steps to register for this website. is owned by a company called Timespace Holdings Limited. They have this fake “users online” count that they’re running using a script which shows that there are 71,000+ people online. This number continues to increase but it’s just a simple script they’re running in the background. It has nothing to do with the actual number of users online.

wildspank users online fake

They bring you through this funnel where you’re asked to answer a bunch of questions. What the site is essentially doing is gathering data to create your username and password in order to get you registered for the site. It all comes down to you entering your email address. That’s what they really want from you.

Once you click that join now button, you end up agreeing to the terms of use which state that you’re giving the company the right to do anything they’d like with your data and profile. They can use the content that you upload in any manner they’d like. It’s about as annoying as it gets, seriously.

The site also admits to sending what they call Flirtcasts and auto-replies in order to boost using interaction and activity.

Conclusion: PlentyofHoes Does Nothing For Consumers

There is literally nothing that you will gain from visiting It’s a cheap attempt at copying Plentyoffish and taking further advantage of users. Seriously, it’s that bad and I wouldn’t recommend joining either of these sites. Assuming that you’ve joined any of the sites that you’ve been redirected to from, then you might want to cancel your subscription and if you can’t then hit up the Better Business Bureau as they’ll be able to help you.

Now, if you’re looking for real adult dating sites that lead to hookups, then I’ve got you covered. Just start here within this table and you’ll find something that you like. Trust me, they all work awesome.