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Online dating sites are working out ways to look more natural and genuine in order to cause as little doubt as possible and carefully hide their scamming tactics. That’s why companies who own many dating sites are ready to go to the extent of using different scamming tools and make sure they hide them in the plain. We believe we have solid reasons for doubting the workings of, as you will discover in our review. We invite you to keep reading and save yourselves from getting deceived and overcharged.

What we discovered about was an online dating site owned by another company, but was bought by and as of the 21st of March 2014 it is owned and run by the new company. We believed that they might have changed something about the features and look of the site, but we found out that the online dating world had to officially say goodbye to Now, the site serves as a landing page and redirects all new interested members directly to We believe that the old members that were actively using the site at the time of transfer were also introduced to the new service and encouraged to use instead.

Since we are already familiar with the company and dating site, we know that this transfer couldn’t mean anything good for the people who continued using the new site or were led to sign up to the latter site by recommendation from the former.

What is all about?

While you can read the full review of this site here, we also decided to point out some short facts about, for your own convenience. Here is, in short words, what you need to know about this site before you sign up, create a dating profile and start using the service.

1)  Using And Replicating Your Personal Data – gains absolute proprietary rights over any and all personal information you upload on your dating profile. Whether it’s your own photographs, information about your age, personal description, info about your age, race, interests or hobbies, or anything you write about yourself on the profile, has the exclusive right to take, reuse, change, and distribute these information to other dating sites within the same network, or give license (in exchange for money) to other dating sites and companies to use these info.

2)  Created Profiles of Members – if is taking everyone’s personal information and copying, reproducing, displaying, modifying and distributing into other networks, it is only logical to wonder who stands behind these taken information. We doubt that the company is only storing it – they wouldn’t go through so much trouble for no gain. In fact, we believe the information taken from real people is used to create “phantom profiles” that are run by computer softwares or by employees. Moreover, if is dispersing replicated profiles from this site to others, than who can guarantee that the profiles of members are real? There is simply no way to know this, thus you can never trust anyone you meet on the site.

3)  Computer-Automated Communications – the site doesn’t only use its created profiles to fill up the homepage and create the feeling of having a lot of people and choices for dating. also uses the fabricated profiles to send you computerized messages in order to engage you in the site’s services and deceive you into paying for subscription. The trick is that when you sign up, chat and email messages start flying in, so you will be compelled to open and read them. These messages seem genuine and will make you believe people on this site are interested in you and reaching out to flirt, maybe continue the communication. Problem is – you won’t be able to open, read, reply or initiate communication with anyone unless you upgrade to a paid membership first.

4 Subscription And Membership Upgrade Costs – will offer you two types of subscription, each one for three different time periods. Here are the payment options you can choose from:

Basic Plan

  • $35 to purchase 1 month of membership
  • $59.97 to purchase 3 months of membership
  • $101.94 to purchase 6 months of membership
  • $191.88 to purchase 12 months of membership

Bundle Plan

  • $68.97 to purchase 3 months of membership
  • $119.94 to purchase 6 months of membership
  • $197.88 to purchase 12 months of membership

5)  Subscription Is Automatically Renewable – this means that when you initially subscribe to and provide your credit card info, it’s not a one-time transaction. Your membership won’t be upgraded only for the time period you chose, but will continue charging you and continuing your subscription for the time you initially chose. This is how most people get scammed and ripped off – they think that its’ only a one-time subscription deal and that once the time runs out everything is over. When, in fact, will continue to take your money (without additional notifications) until you realize what has been going on.

The verdict on

Now that is owned and run by – a very well-known scam and a rip off, we can say the credibility and legitimacy of are also gone. We do not recommend either one, and can safely say that is not a dating site for anyone looking for true flirting, dating or hooking up chances. There are just too many irregularities and conning tricks the site pulls to get to your money, which interfere with your final goal – to finally meet someone real. Scam Questions

If you have any further questions that you’d like to ask, feel free to post in the comments section below. You can also share a personal experience about using, or any of the affiliated sites to warn and help other readers. Contact Info

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