The Other Board Review

Having spent thousands of hours using dating paltforms and escort networks, I’m able to sniff out the nonsense. Trust me, it’s rampant out there and if not laser-focused when searching, you’re going to have the wool pulled over your eyes. It’s very easy to see the issues and why you should avoid many sites, one of which includes The Other Board. This is an escort site that just might cause you real pain and financial issues in the long run. Have you ever been burned by an escort? How about a first date? Been stood up by someone? Nope? Well, if not, then you better read this ASAP. Take the time to find out why is not an ideal site for meeting people and possibly dangerous even.

The Other Board

My Review of The Other Board

The Other Board sells itself as an adult dating community and looks a lot like Craigslist. You can choose your country and then you’ll be able to go through the message boards and see all of the ads that people are posting. They start things off by saying that they need to verify your age.

That’s always a red flag when it comes to these kinds of sites. They promise that you’ll be inundated with adult material, but that never really happens. What usually goes on, and what’s going on here, is the site targets free users and tries to trick them into upgrading their accounts to the paid ones.

It’s the same old scam that happens over and over on the internet. There’s just no getting away from it at all. If you want to know whether or not this site is real, just check out what the people are saying about it.

User Reviews Never Add The Details

A big part of the site is the review sections by the other users. These are supposed to be written by the men who have already gone ahead and paid for time with the escorts on the site.

The problem is that none of them ever write down any of the details. You can never see how much anyone has paid for their time or what happened. It’s all incredibly generic and that raises more than a few red flags.

It’s almost as if the reviews are being written just to make it seem like real people are using the site. If that ever seems to be the case, then it usually is the case. If someone were to really write a review, they would probably tell you how much they paid so you can judge it against what the other girls are charging.

Did I mention it’s illegal to pay girls for sex? Am I right? I am sure I’m right. They don’t call me the Dating Cop for anything!

The Girls Don’t Post Details

This is on top of the fact that girls themselves never seem to post any details. You can see the ads they post, but they never tell you how much their time is going to cost.

They also never really tell you exactly what you’re going to be getting. That means you’ll have to email all of them until you find one that’s offering what you want at a cost that you like. That’s just not how an ad is supposed to work if you want someone to buy what you’re selling.

Conclusion: Stay Away From The Other Board

The Other Board itself tells you that there are a lot of scams on the site. That’s all you really need to know about it. In fact, it seems that there are nothing but scams on the site. Anyone can post an ad and that means a lot of them are just going to be out to rip you off. It’s just the way that it is. You email them to get details and you’ll be redirected to a site that’s out to scam you. Just stay away from the site.

I’d put this one up there as being as bad if not worse than the site and even