How To Easily Spot Fake Dating Profiles

I’ve been known to go above and beyond when it comes to dating sites. It’s fair to say that I’ve experienced my fair share of fake profiles. Some people are just plain liars, cheaters, and thieves. It happens and unfortunately, some people have to learn the hard way.

I’ve taken extensive notes in order to help my readers make well-informed decisions with anything that has to do with dating. If you’re attempting to meet anyone online and you’re not using your head or knowledge, then you’re doing it wrong.

There are fakes everywhere and in order to help you avoid running into a problem with them, I’m going to share what I can about them and how to best avoid the nightmare that far too many have to deal with. Here’s how to spot a fake profile…

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Tips For Spotting Fake Dating Profiles Online

These tips will likely save you a ton of time and money. I can almost guarantee that for certain. Here’s what you need to be on the lookout for at all times.

All Flashy Everything

If you come across a profile of either a girl or guy and they’re posting crazy photos of expensive cars, boats, purses, shoes, and other flashy items, then it’s fake. Unless the person is physically sitting in that car and driving it or physically wearing that article of clothing (in their home) then it’s 100% fake.

People will try and make it seem like they’ve got these glamorous lives and it’s all bullshit for the most part.

The cars are rented.

The clothes are rented.

The watches are rented.

Either that or they are photoshopped!

Don’t fall for that nonsense, seriously.

Asking For Anything

If someone within a profile that you come across asks you for anything other than to meet them for a drink and possibly sex, then it’s fake. No one should ask you for money, help, advice, or anything nor should they be giving it to you.

I hate to say it but too many people waste their time and money using trying to impress people on dating profiles by buying them something or giving them money to help them out when in fact they haven’t even met them.

If someone asks you for something, then RUN. It’s a fake profile.

Similar Responses

This is a great way to test out fake profiles within a network. Take the responses that you get from people and compare them to one another. Are the responses the same or similar?

If so, then they are probably responses from bots. They’re super common responses and pretty vague or open-ended most of the time. Do a search online copying and pasting the response you get in quotations in Google to see what you end up with for responses.

You might be shocked to learn that almost all are fake.

Reverse Image Searches

Have you ever seen a super hot dating profile and thought to yourself that you want to hit that? Of course, you have. Who hasn’t! We’ve all seen smoking hot profiles.

The problem is that these profiles, for the most part, are not real. You can easily check this via a reverse image search.

Here’s how to do this:

1. Copy the URL of the image.

2. Paste it into and click enter.

The results will populate with all the other places that this image is posted. If you see it posted on stock photo sites or forums or other dating sites with different names, then chances are it’s a fake profile.

Using Search Engines

You can also use Google to search for clues that the profile is fake. Things like checking usernames to see if other profiles out there exist with the same username. Do image searches in Google to check for other images of the person you’re trying to connect with. All these things help identify if a person is real or not.

Social Media Background Check

Is the person you’re chatting with using social media? Just about everyone has either a Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat account. If they don’t then I’d be very skeptical.

The only reason they wouldn’t have any social media accounts is that they’re either really private or they’re trying to hide something. Make sense?

Member Since Date

I always suggest checking out the profile date as well as the activity date. Most of the fake profiles have these auto renew profile dates which show that they’re new profiles over and over. They do this to make it look like the network is more active than it really is.

Don’t be fooled by this nonsense!

The Real Deal…

Look, the bottom line is quite simple. If you want to hook up with people that are real and avoid fake profiles, then the best way to do so is by using a site that I know works, not some shady Tinder app or POF replacement. Stick to what’s tried and true.

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  1. you forgot to mention the profile and text from other is written with an accent or broken English.ran into alot of these on instagram and pof. the quickest way ive found to get rid of them is tell them your policy for going any furtherin life details is for “proof of self” (THAT’S WHAT I CALL IT) say its for your safety and mine… on Instagram all you got to do is tell them you want to video chat.easy enough but 90% of them run.sometimes the predator will run a little program that blinks in and out with you catching little glimpses of someone behind the camera then coming back saying something is wrong with their connection…don’t be fooled !!they are online talking to you on their connection.ask them to try again and watch closely at the video. did it show exactly the same thing it did last time?was the length of call about the same? fakeanother was on no camera sites is tell them you want a selfie of them holding anything you could be a sock,spoon,loaf of bread anything that you would think they wouldn’t have a readily available fake selfie of and offer them the same thing for you to keep it mutual.if they are fake they will get real defensive and run.they are after your money.ive been catching them awhile and can spot them easy especially when they express their unending love for you after hearing you have a job.most mills are run out of Pakistan and India. look at their friends in Instagram and see how many are from there

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