Tricks is Pulling on You (REVIEW)


For us, the Dating Cop team, the job is not finished until there are still people getting scammed and ripped off by online dating services. That’s why we set out to do another review on Our initial analysis determined that this site uses all tricks and old tools to get to your money without you noticing. Now, we invite you to continue reading and learn how to protect yourself from online fraud.

Scams detected on

  • is not really free
  • You get automated communications intended to imitate real messages
  • The women on the site are actually fabricated profiles
  • has employees that interact with you
  • No physical meeting will ever take place with anyone you met on
  • The site is associated with other well-known scamming sites, such as,,,, and evidence of scamming tactics

From the very start, we had our doubts about the legitimacy of this site. But, it wasn’t until we carefully read through the Terms & Conditions page that we found solid evidence for the fraudulent actions of Here are our findings and evidence to back it up.

1) Fabricated Dating Profiles or “Online Cupids”

If you are just a bit realistic, you too would detect this scam. This site is aimed at scamming male site members, simply because there are no women using the site. This would sound weird because you’ve seen that there are many gorgeous women, ready to meet up and hook up. This seems unreal and it makes us think why would so many beautiful ladies be searching for dates online when they can easily find someone if they went out tonight. The sad truth is that these are all profiles created by, filled with fake photographs and made-up personal information.

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: THIS SITE USES FANTASY PROFILES CALLED ONLINE CUPIDS®: You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the information, text, and pictures contained in the Online Cupids® service profiles do not pertain to any actual person, but are included for entertainment and educational purposes only. Life events, experiences, interests, and geographic locations are fictitious. Nothing contained in any Online Cupids® service profile or message is intended to describe or resemble any real person – living or dead.”


2) Computer Software Operates Communications

In the terms and conditions document it is stated that messages sent from Online Cupids are “automatically generated” without any human involvement. In other words, computer software is sending you emails to trick you into believing women are flirting with you. There is one catch here, and that is – you are not allowed to send any messages or read messages sent to you unless you upgrade to a paid membership on

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: “Messages sent from our Online Cupids® service may be automatically generated with no human involvement. You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that, from time-to-time, Online Cupids® profiles may contact both free users and paid users via computer-generated Instant Messages or emails for purposes referenced above. These messages may be transmitted to multiple recipients at the same or similar time(s).”


3) Extortion of Your Credit Card Info

It only comes logical to ask yourselves “Why does this site go through so much trouble of fabricated profiles and using them to send messages?” and the answer is simple – they are after your money. If you are wondering how much is charging it’s used for a membership upgrade, here are the details:

  • $29.95 for 1 month of membership (automatically renewable)
  • $69.00 for 3 months of membership (automatically renewable)


4) Third Parties Are Hired To Communicate With You has a goal to make scam-detection almost impossible by making the communication between you and the women on the site as natural as possible – this way they can keep charging your credit card until you realize it’s all a scam. needs employees because computer-automated messages stop making sense after a while.

FROM THE TERMS OF USE: “You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious and operated by the Site or its contractors. Online Cupids® messages and/or correspondence may be generated by third-parties hired or contracted by Us.” Scam Questions

We hope you found our review and evidence we provided helpful. We hope it is not too late when you are reading about the scams this site uses to get to money. If you do, however, have anything else you’d like to ask, feel free to post in the comments section below. You can also share a personal experience about to warn and help other readers. Contact Info

Address: Agias Fylaxeos & Zinonos Rossidi, 2 1st floor, Limassol P.C. 3082 Cyprus

Email Contact:

Phone Number: 1-888-649-9178

Report and File a Complaint

Contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have fallen victim to scams and ripped off.